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As Parents and Grand Parents we become aware very quickly that the modern day lifestyle is sedentary. Our children become computer and television junkies so early on in life that they seldom have the opportunity for natural and normal developmental milestones to be reached.

Teachers regularly complain that their students have not developed Gross Motor skills adequately and that their Fine Motor skills leave a lot to be desired. Parents struggle to get their teenagers off of the couch, battling television and play stations and eventually giving up.

This is the reality of the modern life we live and it is getting worse, not better.

Jimmy Jungles is a brand that many South African young adults have grown up with. They know it well and associate it with an opportunity for Gross and Fine Motor play.

Our Jungles are not restaurants with play centres, but rather fun, exciting and entertaining indoor play arena’s that have well positioned restaurant facilities as part of the formula which makes Jimmy Jungles the number one Indoor Play brand in South Africa.

At Jimmy Jungles, we know that we only have a very few precious number of years to help parents instill in their children a sense of purpose in play, physical exploration and manual arts and crafts. We have maybe six or seven years to help our young VIP’s become familiar with running, jumping, crawling and climbing, with getting their hands dirty with painting and drawing activities, and with learning to socialise with many other children all busy in common and entertaining pursuits.

Turn taking, courtesy and gentle interaction are the values, which we like to foster amongst the VIP’s who frequent Jimmy Jungles establishments across the country. Those are the values, which make for courteous and well-behaved adults. Those are the values, which make it possible to survive in the wild!

Life takes care of the rest of the learning necessary to make it in this world. Before we know it your children will be facebooking, instagramming and tweeting. Our job is to work together with parents as a team in ensuring that the Gross and Fine Motor foundation is in-place and set, before those modern day necessities get a hold of our VIP’s as they become young adults.